Reduce Back Pain

The Health Benefits of Kosmodisk

The back and spinal cord are central to the human body. Your carotid artery, internal juglar vein, and both the superior and inferior vena cava are major parts of the vascular system of the spine. These blood vessels deliver oxygen to all parts of your body, from your head all the way down to your feet.

This is why when your back hurts, nothing else is the same. As your body compensates for back ache or muscle pain, everything else is thrown out of equilibrium. Over time, back problems can pinch or restrict blood flow to these major blood vessels. This reduces the flow to oxygen to various parts of your body, causing health problems even outside the realm of your back and spine.

Kosmodisk Classic spine massager and back brace have been clinically proven to increase blood flow and reduce swelling of the muscles and tissue surrounding your spine. In more than three-quarters of the people who've used it, Kosmodisk has also been shown to alleviate back pain. The warming effect produced by each individual Kosmodisk massaging vertabrae cell helps soothe aching muscles and reduce the pent-up tension created by a stiff or aching back, even in chronic cases.

Kosmodisk for a Healthy Lifestyle

For anyone suffering from lower back problems, Kosmodisk is an effective tool. Whether your job requires heavy lifting or your back issues are due to standing or sitting in the same position all day, Kosmodisk can help alleviate back pain and increase the flow of blood and oxygen to all important areas of your body.

Wearing Kosmodisk on a regular basis can also help maintain better posture, resulting in lessened back problems due to misaligned vertabrae. Since Kosmodisk is comfortably worn under virtually any type of clothing, you can wear it while driving, sleeping, working, and just about any time.

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