Kosmodisk Ribbed Vertebrae

Kosmodisk's Surface - How Does It Work?

The amazing, worldwide success of Kosmodisk lies in the award-winning and patented design of its soft ribbed vertebrae. Made from the highest quality hypoallergenic materials, the positioning and configuration of these nodes results in gentle kneading pressure, supporting and massaging the entire length of your spine.

The vertebrae of the Kosmodisk Classic have often been compared to the fingers of a professional osteopath or physiotherapist. Worn correctly, Kosmodisk will stimulate each individual vertebrae of your spine, kneading constricted or strained blood vessels and helping to stimulate blood flow. This happens during the entire time you wear the Kosomdisk Classic spine massager, no matter what activity you may be engaged in.

Increased Spine Circulation

Increased blood flow to the spine has many health benefits, including the warming and stimulating of back muscles in and around your torso. This in turn will help reduce stress, alleviate pain, and soothe tired or aching musculature due to back problems, repetitive motion, or poor posture.

Another great feature of Kosmodisk is that it's a one-time investment. As long as the general shape of your Kosmodisk spine massager is kept intact, you can use it indefinitely.

Perhaps most impressive of all, Kosmodisk has been shown to reduce back pain and lessen back problems in over 80% of people who use it. This alarming success has been proven time and again during clinical studies in Europe, prompting more than 2 million customers to purchase Kosmodisk products.

The Kosmodisk spine massager and back brace have also won numerous awards and medals for its unique design and spectacular results. Since first introduced 18 years ago, Kosmodisk has been helping people live more active and healthy lives through safe, natural methods.

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