Kosmodisk Active Sports Belt

Kosmodisk Active Sports Belt

For athletes looking to gain additional lumbar support, there's the Kosmodisk Active. Designed to be worn during any type of exercise or competition, this adjustable sports belt provides the same patented Kosmodisk massaging affect to the muscles and circulatory system of your lower back.

Lumbar and lower back muscles are especially strained during exercise or sports. Because of the demands of modern day athletics, these muscles are naturally at risk for injury or overexertion.

By massaging your back muscles with the stimulating vertebrae of the Kosmodisk Active, heat is generated. In turn, this heat helps soothe tired muscles and keep them at maximum elasticity. This increases your overall flexibility and reduces the risk of you becoming injured during exercise. The natural warmth and heat keeps your muscles from becoming tight, in addition to making you feel more comfortable.

Kosmodisk Belt

Fully Adjustable and Comfortable

The Kosmodisk Active sports belt is made up of two parts. The massaging cells are made from the same hypoallergenic materials as all other Kosmodisk products. These ribbed vertebrae are designed to be worn directly against the skin for maximum effect.

The belt itself is spun from the highest quality cotton-polyamide elastic materials. It is designed specifically for comfort - both in motion and at rest - with flexibility in mind.

Kosmodisk also offers two options when it comes to wearing the lumbar portion of the Active Sports Belt. It can be worn with the back belt or with the elastic straps.

Everyone currently experiencing back pain is urged to try the Kosmodisk Active. It's great for athletes, but it's equally effective for physical workers, and those who sit for extended periods throughout the day.

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