Kosmodisk Classic Back Massager

Kosmodisk Classic Spine Massager

The unique, patented design of the Kosmodisk spine and back massagers have been the subject of widespread praise and acclaim. By hugging your spine, Kosmodisk directly stimulates the skin, muscles, and blood vessels from the base of your neck to the bottom of your coccyx. At the same time, its thin, flexible design makes it completely invisible and comfortable.

The spine massager works to warm and soothe back muscles over your entire torso. It keeps working for as long as Kosmodisk is worn - even while sleeping, for those with back problems that wake them up during the night.

The easy-to-use adjustment system of the Kosmodisk Classic makes the product one size fits all. You simply position the soft vertebrae cells along your spine, and then strap the massager snugly around your waist and chest. Comfortable to wear, you can enjoy the benefits of your Kosmodisk while at home, work, school, or wherever you want. Your spine massager will continue to alleviate back pain and tension for as long as it maintains its shape, and contact with your body.

Kosmodisk Classic Back Brace

Kosmodisk Classic Back Brace

The Kosmodisk back brace comes packaged together with the spine massager. It fits around your back like a standard back brace, but contains the same patented surfaces designed to generate heat, stimulate muscles, and help increase blood flow throughout your lower back.

The nylon vertebrae of the Kosmodisk back brace are also completely hypoallergenic, meaning it can be worn by anyone. The ribbed surface kneads and massages tired or aching back muscles during the course of everyday activity or movement. The waist belt is fully and easily adjustable.

Just like the spine massager, health benefits are provided safely and naturally. No magnets, no batteries, and no ointments or chemicals are used or needed.

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