About Kosmodisk

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is KOSMODISK?

Kosmodisk is a clinically tested device, which reduces or eliminates back pain. The Kosmodisk works due to its shape, and does not use any additional energy sources, such as magnets or batteries.

2. Who uses KOSMODISK?

Back pain does not differ between old or young, tall or short, men or women - its victim can be anybody among us. Kosmodisk also does not make differences - you can move the clip attachments up or down to adjust the position of the elastic straps, adapting the Kosmodisk to your own spine. We especially recommend the Kosmodisk to people who are more at risk to back injuries or back pain; for example pregnant women, professional drivers, sedentary workers, laborers... we do not recommend it to children younger than 12 years.

3. When do I use KOSMODISK?

The Kosmodisk can be used as a precaution or when pain strikes. We recommend using the Kosmodisk for 10-20 days - during which the Kosmodisk should be worn for at least three hours per day. You can stop using the Kosmodisk when the pain subsides or disappears. Besides being therapeutic, the Kosmodisk can also be used to prevent back pain.

4. How can I tell if Kosmodisk is working?

When you first start using Kosmodisk, you can feel a warm, tingling sensation in the back and/or in other affected areas. The massaging effect of Kosmodisk stimulates the muscles close to the spine area. That in turn generates warmth, which eases blood circulation, which soothes your muscles and reduces tension.

Also if you are not feeling anything, for the maximum effect persist with wearing Kosmodisk at least 3 hours per day, 3 weeks in a row.

5. How soon will I feel the benefit of Kosmodisk?

You might experience the benefits of wearing Kosmodisk immediately or in longer time period. If you are not experiencing the benefits immediatelly, keep wearing Kosmodisk, because they might come latter - it depends from the condition of your spine. For the maximum effect we recommend to wear Kosmodisk at least 3 hours per day, 3 weeks in a row.

6. How do I wear the KOSMODISK?

The Kosmodisk can be worn either over or under clothing. The ribbed part of the Kosmodisk should always be turned towards the body. Before using the Kosmodisk, inspect the device for any damage. We recommend wearing the Kosmodisk over light clothing if you should want to apply the Kosmodisk over a wound or if you have an irritable skin disorder.

The Kosmodisk is very practical - you have the benefits of therapy during work, shopping, driving, sports, resting, traveling, sleeping...

7. When will I feel the first reaction?

When you first use the Kosmodisk, you will feel a warm tingling sensation in the spine and other parts of the body, or a slight twitch in the area where the spine is blocked.

8. How often can I use Kosmodisk?

You can wear Kosmodisk as often as you wish, especially when the pain strikes. Kosmodisk is made for unlimited number of applications. It works until its shape remains undamaged.

9. What is the efficiency rate of Kosmodisk and what do doctors say?

The Kosmodisk is a clinically tested device. According to the combined results of numerous independent clinical studies, about 80% of people feel a relief from back pain when using the Kosmodisk (the back pain either soothes or disappears).

10. How effective is wearing the Kosmodisk during daily activities?

The Kosmodisk is very practical, easily adjustable and comfortable to wear - while wearing the Kosmodisk you will enjoy the benefits of therapy during work, shopping, driving, sports, resting, travelling, sleeping...

11. Is it harmful to use Kosmodisk if you don't have back pain?

We can wear Kosmodisk also when we don't have back pain - to prevent back pain - so it's absolutely not harmful to wear it when we don't have back pain.

12. Can Kosmodisk be used together with other therapeutic methods?

Kosmodisk can be successfully combined with other therapeutic methods, both traditional and alternative as it does not have any negative side effects.

13. Is it battery operated?

Kosmodisk doesn't not use any additional energy sources, such as batteries or magnets. It works only because of its shape.

14. Who should not use Kosmodisk?

The use of Kosmodisk is not recommended for children under 12 years and for people with open wounds.

15. How and for how long does it work?

The Kosmodisk will work as long as its shape remains undamaged. Kosmodisk works due to its shape, and does not use any additional energy sources, such as magnets or batteries.

16. Do you have a brochure?

Yes! You can download a pdf version informational brochure that will provide you with additional info about Kosmodisk. If you wish to receive this brochure by mail, please contact our customer service at kosmodiskusa@yahoo.com

17. Does Kosmodisk require assembly?

Kosmodisk comes fully assembled so it doesn't require any additional assembly.

18. Who invented Kosmodisk?

Branislav Stojanovic, inventor from Serbia, introduces piece of oddly shaped white plastic, named KOSMODISK. Being very convincing - he let "the story of success" unfold. The results of clinical tests were more than favourable, so the first TV-spot with the slogan: "It looks silly, but it works!", was prepared. First TV testimonial was Vesna Vulovic, the stewardess who was the sole survivor of the JAT airplane crash back in 70'. After that testimony Kosmodisk® becomes a smash hit in Serbia.

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