Kosmodisk Testimonials

Kosmodisk Testimonials

Throughout Europe, the benefits of Kosmodisk products have been known for twenty years. Through wearing the Classic Spine Massager, Back Brace, and Kosmodisk Active Sports Belt, Europeans everywhere have enjoyed the warming, soothing effects of the patented Kosmodisk massaging surface.

Hear what people have to say who have used and benefited from Kosmodisk:

David Hampshire, Kosmodisk

David Hampshire, Actor

"The Kosmodisk for me is very practical! I love the fact that you wear it all the way down the spine. It relaxes me, plus it made me more aware of my posture and to stand correctly."

Minka Hozjan, Kosmodisk

Minka Hozjan, Nurse

"I know the Kosmodisk has helped me, because if it hadn't, it would have probably stayed in the box and I'd have forgotten about it."

Vlasta Span, Kosmodisk

Vlasta Span, Pensioner

"All the little things I couldn't do before, I can thanks to my Kosmodisk. And I'm enjoying my time with my German boxer, Lori."

Marija Bergant, Kosmodisk

Marija Bergant, Pensioner

"A woman once asked me, how I could believe in this 'witchcraft', and I told her there was no such thing. It's just plastic with elastic straps, designed in the right way and placed on the right spot. That's it!"

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